Taco Bell Green Sauce


This definitely smells like it’s got a little bit more kicked up into it guys .and again with the three main ingredients with the fire roasted green chilies, the pureed jalapeno and the hatch green chilies. that combination i think is going to deliver some heat .

It looks like pretty much any other type of standard green  sauce you’d probably find at say the supermarket or maybe even a restaurant on the table with some chips. but with this one this is looking to feature three key ingredients.


  • fire roasted green chilies
  • pureed jalapeno 
  • hatch green chilies.


it’s almost jelly like believe it or not. but lots of heat. that is really nic . Distinctly different and i gotta say the hatch chili’s I think is what’s standing out the most above and beyond .this really doesn’t taste like a kicked up jalapeno type of sauce that i’m used to. it’s got a more of a jelly like pureed consistency. now again the puree is coming from the jalapeno. but that hatch chili is adding just a little bit of extra to it guys .

Naturally it’s a little bit more watery compared to the fire sauce .but i’m really digging the overall jelly-like consistency of that sauce. it’s a little misleading when you see it because it doesn’t really seem like it’s going to be like that. but as you pour it in or dip into something you’re going to notice it right away.

Chicken Taco

Taco Bell green sauce vs fire sauce

Different type of heat but. watery. nowhere near as vibrant as that green sauce. heat wise though and almost be willing to bet it’s a little bit below the fire in terms of the intensity right away. but the steaminess and the overall flavor that i’m getting from the fire roasted chilies the hatch chilies and that pureed jalapeno on the green sauce it’s pretty banging guys. 

hatch green chilies is the wild card with this one in my opinion that flavor is really really solid along with the pureed jalapeno for added spice and naturally the little extra chili action with the fire roasted green chilies added into this, you’re getting a very nice combination of heat and kicked up flavors.

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