Sweetgreen Wild Rice


Sweetgreen wild rice is a protein add-on for their bowls like famous harvest bowl. The something that most people don’t know is wild rice has fewer calories than brown rice but has more protein!

Today I’m going to show you how to take wild rice and turn it into rice krispies. super easy technique i think everybody should know how to do this. 

Wild rice krispies recipe

Sweetgreen Wild Rice Bowl
  • So you want to get your pan ripping hot.
  • Then I like to go in with a neutral oil like sunflower oil.
  • let the pan heat up & coat the bottom of the pan from sunflower oil. 
  • Once I get to the temperature you’re going to take about a tablespoon of the wild rice right in and shake.
  • You’ll notice they’ll start to pop. This happens very quickly.
  • Then put them on paper towels. season right after. 
  • What you do is you just let it dry out. if you have a dehydrator even better because you don’t want it to be greasy. The worst thing is when you take a bite out of it it’s greasy. 

I like to add this to salads on top of a protein. any crunchy aspect is a great addition and it tastes great.

Visit Sweetgreen and read more about Moe’s Seasoned Rice


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