Sweet n Low Side Effects


Probably Sweet n Low is safe. but you need to limit the dose to one tablespoon ideal two tablespoons max per day. Then you’re going to fly below the radar. Eating more than 2 table spoons of saccharin may cause side effects like Irritability, headaches, insomnia, skin problems and muscular problems. but temporary ones.

What is saccharin?

Saccharin known primarily as sweet and low since 1957. This has been a known brand name. it’s also known as sugar twin and sweet twin. Those are also saccharine but just different brand names.

saccharin is 300 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. that’s how saccharin got that name. very very sweet. if you eat a lot of saccharine it’s supposed to leave a metallic aftertaste in your mouth. and I’ve heard that that’s why it’s not used in many products by itself. when you see saccharin used commercially, it’s usually used with another sweetening agent to disguise the metallic taste. and what you’ll see it in is a lot of healthcare products vitamins and minerals and some medicines have saccharin and some candies use saccharin. It’s it’s not used in drinks. it’s not really used in a lot of foods. but it can be because it’s heat stable that means you can cook with it. it measures half to sugar. so one cup of sugar is one half cup of saccharin. so it’s twice as strong as sugar and it doesn’t measure like sugar. but you can use it. it has no nutritive value. it it technically has two calories per serving. but that’s so low it that the fda allows. sweet and low to say it’s got no calories. it doesn’t digest or metabolize. so your body doesn’t recognize it as a food. so you pee and poop it out.

candies made by saccharin

Saccharin is not natural. it’s artificial it does come from a chemical source. it was discovered in 1879 by a Russian chemist working at john hopkins university and he had some kind of accident some either got on his hand or got in his food i’ve heard different stories.

it’s possibly carcinogenic to humans. but the circumstance entails exposures that there is less than sufficient evidence of carcinogenity in experimental animals and when there is inadequate evidence in humans

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