Subway’s Footlong Pro


Foot long pro, which means double meat. i thought at first foot long pro is like a different sandwich from subway like a longer kind of foot long or like a bigger bread but no. it just means like double meat double portions. It is heavy. There are versions of foot long pro like cali steak & the cali turkey. it looks amazing everything’s double meat. It is 12-Inches in length & has about 1800 calories.

so the cali fresh means that it has bacon, there’s guacamole, almost all the veggies and the parmesan vinaigrette on both of them. i got these toasted and the new fresh mozzarella cheese in here so good. I added extra pepper jack cheese on these sandwiches and it’s not extra because it’s a foot long pro. so when it’s a footlong pro, they don’t charge you extra for cheese.

Subway's Footlong Pro
Subway footlong pro

Turkey footlong pro

i think I like turkey better. look how thick it is there’s so much you like your sandwiches toasted? i like mine toasted all the time i don’t like cold sandwiches. always warm food or hot food. i’m going to put mayo on it because sometimes the turkey is salty. the steak is salty and the bacon and salty.


The footlong pro is like $15 for a foot long and then i feel like i remember the footlong it’s just like 12 bucks or11 bucks. Not even maybe nine. but these are like 15 bucks. Turkey’s 13.99 and the footlong pro steak is like 14.99. check out latest prices from subway

I like Tuna

I want want a foot long pro tuna with a lot of red onions. the mozzarella cheese in there is salty. I can’t decide if I like the turkey more. I like the doritos ranch. you can always put it on your sandwich and it tastes so good.

I wonder if you can just order a six inch pro because the full on pro is double meat everything. so it’s like a two sandwich. but i wonder if you can order like a six inch and make it a pro

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