Stevia vs Equal


The main difference between stevia and equal is stevia is a natural organic sweetener but equal is an artificial sweetener.

Aspartame or Equal

Aspartame the artificial sweetener commonly referred to as equal and nutrasweet it’s currently found in well over 6,000 products and it is well documented although not commonly known to be a neurotoxin. so much so that airplane pilots are actually strongly urged if not actually forbidden from ingesting anything with aspartame while in flight. apparently there’s been over a thousand incidences reported of serious toxicity in airplane pilots who ingested aspartame and there’s some speculation that it’s related to the methanol that aspartame produces in our bodies and the altitude. unknown either way not good.

equal in desert


so stevia is an herb and it’s extracted from a plant that’s how we get the stevia sweetener and the sweetener is actually 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar now it is considered natural and it is considered sugar-free but what’s really kind of interesting is that pure stevia in its unrefined state is actually unsafe to consume. so what you find when you buy stevia in the store is actually the refined version which has been considered safe for consumption now when it comes to stevia there actually does seem to be some benefits to consuming it the first is actually the benefit that it can have on blood sugar so with stevia we know it contains no carbohydrates and no sugar so it’s not going to have any kind of direct impact on your blood sugar by itself. But there’s also some research that suggests when you use stevia it may actually help to lower your blood sugar levels which is really exciting if you’re thinking about using it as a sweetener to help manage diabetes.

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