Splendid Greens vs Super Greens CAVA


CAVA splendid greens is a mix chicory endive, romaine, escarole, belgian endive & radicchio. Its a perfect salad I must say. CAVA SuperGreens salad contains broccoli, kale, sliced Brussels sprouts and also sliced chicory.

About CAVA restaurant

CAVA started in a chef’s kitchen has grown into a sharing their Mediterranean food in their restaurants across the country. They do that by offering up bold credible flavors and by providing exceptional guest experience every time. as their guests make their way down the line they help them build their meals from greens and grains to dips, proteins, toppings and dressings were there to fill their bowls and answer any questions. Because these bowls include natural vegetables and greens, these help you to weight loss, increase fitness & reduce the chances of having hair loss, mental disorders like anxiety & depression.

CAVA salad

Working at cava is a true team dynamic and that’s what’s great about i when a rush comes and things start to get busy it’s all hands on deck. it’s all about positivity and celebrating fanaticism and bringing our core values to life. whether you’re building bowls running the grill or leading the shift everyone rolls their sleeves ups and plays their part. it’s extremely fast-paced everyone needs to be on their game and willing to do a little bit of everything but that’s what’s so rewarding and honestly that’s what makes it fun.

They get through it together and when the rest winds down a little bit that’s when you step back and realize we did it we’ve got this. there’s a ton of opportunity at college if you’re willing to put in the work and stick with it, the sky’s the limit. many of our team members have worked their way up to GM through our career development path. the door is open. This is a place that will invest in you and wants to see you succeed. so if this sounds like the right fit for you we encourage you to come join the team and play a part in helping us celebrate the power of food.

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