Sorbitol vs Xylitol


The main difference is sorbitol is less expensive than xylitol. And also sorbitol has good laxative properties and both of these are used in toothpastes. But Xylitol is well known to protect teeth for longer time

What’s a sugar alcohol?

well sugar alcohols are something that does not help alcohol but it is a part of a sugar molecule and is part of the alcohol molecule. so they’re put together so they’re not really sugar and they’re not really alcohol. they’re just combinations of both put together.

So what are some examples?

some of the most common examples are erythritol, xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol. these are all different but if you look at them most of them end in “ol” right just like alcohol.

These are the most common hard candies, chewing gum, cookies and soft drinks.

What can it cost?

most commonly bloating, farts, stomach pain and diarrhea. yeah they’re actually can cause tremendous amount of this. so why do people even put them in there well?

the interesting thing is they have less calories. so a sugar alcohol only has about two calories per gram but regular table sugar has about four calories per gram.

But is it really sugar-free?

no there’s still calories in it right. it’s still part of the sugar molecule but it’s not actual table sugar. so that is why they’re not calling it it is sugar-free because it’s not table sugar. but it’s a sugar alcohol

so oftentimes adding a lot more of these sugar alcohols causes a lot of stomach discomfort and problems. but something i found was really interesting also a very common place to have sugar alcohols is toothpaste and mouthwash. yeah right. before bed or right before you go to work you could be putting this in your body and causing gas and bloating and some loose stool.

Sorbitol versus Xylitol


Xylitol is found in nature and gathered from birch trees. Although, it looks and tastes almost exactly like sugar, it’s absorbed and broken down much slower than traditional sugar which makes it acceptable for diabetic patients. In addition, it contains approximately 40 percent fewer calories making it a great sweetener for your tea or coffee. It’s also used in a variety of recipes as it’s used in approximately the same volume as sugar is. Be careful though….Xylitol has been know to loosen the stool of its patients, so over doing it could have some negative consequences.

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