Shake Shack Mushroom Burger


The mushroom burger from Shake Shack has a deep fried portobello mushroom with monster and cheddar cheeses in it. how good does that sound? that sounds good it looks good. Deep fried portobello mushroom patty I mentioned with the cheese and it also had lettuce and the white truffle sauce. But that doesn’t seem like a lot. so I added on these cherry peppers. I’m hoping that gives it a little something extra they wouldn’t let you put Tomatoes or anything on it.

Shake Shack Mushroom Burger

Taste Test

Really good. really mushroomy, like I mean that’s to be expected. but a strong mushroom flavor from that Portobello. that cheese combo that they have in, they’re really stretches.  this is good it’s got the regalis truffle oil white truffle sauce on it. The mushroom’s Good, the crispy breading on it. that’s a good burger replacement. Everyone’s trying to figure out fake meat just give me one of these. right

the Truffle flavor, it goes well with the Portobello. it’s not too much mushroom. I’m a fan now. I love Shake Shack. it’s really expensive this costs the same as the burger. so it was like $9.59 when I paid 50 cents to add on the cherry peppers. but you know what I’m hungry I’m in a good mood I feel great today

Thankfully it sounds like the fake meat fat is dying out. their Sails are dropping like crazy. Nobody cares anymore. That’s a good thing that might happen.

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