Rocket Gummies


Rocket gummies comes with 500 mg packets and one packet has 10 gummies. Each rocket gummy has 50mg of Delta-9 THC. I will help you to overcome from Anxiety and gives lot of wellness benefits. Rocket gummy will take about 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. The THC effect may last about 5-6 hours. But it depends from person to person

Rocket Gummies 500mg

What is CBD?

So CBD is a oil but it doesn’t have the psychoactivity that THC has coming from the marijuana plant. so CBD is higher in the indie cap plant. so indicate is high in CBD till they use the indica plan to take the CBD out which is how they make things like these gummies and the oils and like creams and stuff like that and the cool thing about it is that, it has no psycho activity which is more normally associated with cannabis and marijuana. so this is why CBD is legal in most countries

Why use CBD?

A lot of people use CBD for things like aches and pains. it’s an anti-cancer supplement as well. it’s also used a lot for things like arthritis and fibromyalgia. I know that fibromyalgia is very common within females on the autism spectrum

So CBD oils are used a lot there to help with that. but one of the main things that it’s used for and one of the things I’ve used CBD for is anxiety. 

so I take CBD to try and feel a little less anxious and more relaxed in my day and I’ve been using the CBD oil. but I found that I have to take it as and when I’m feeling anxious rather than a daily supplement because it tastes really nasty. so that begs the question is why make it gummies?

So why Rocket Gummies?

Now the reason people made CBD gummies is because again the oil tastes a bit nasty and you’ve got to take like a quite big dab on your tongue and you know the the oil tastes a bit rubbish the oil is very very expensive. Thats the main reason why people prefer gummies.

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