Restylane Kysse vs Juvederm


Main difference is Restylane Kysse feels more natural to the lips and softer than Juvederm lip filler. But according to the reports Juvederm last longer anywhere from nine to 12 months.

Restylane Kysse is FDA approved for lips. obviously we could use it off label on other parts of the face as well. but it’s fantastic for lips. it comes with a nicer smaller needle which is nice. still lip injections still uncomfortable but it’s very bearable, no real bleeding for women i always tell women don’t do this close to your time of the month and period because it hurts a lot more when you make an appointment to see us.

Restylane longevity

So the first family are the Restylane family of fillers. .but this is the filler that’s been around for a long time. it’s a hyaluronic acid filler. hyaluronic acids basically are naturally occurring moisturizers of our skin and when we inject them into the skin they can act as long-term fillers lasting anywhere from 6 to 12 months. sometimes even more . Restylane has been around for several years is kind of like the go-to filler for a lot of people. this one is really kind of tried and tested and true and you can really use it for most filler indications. It’s FDA approved to fill in the nasolabial folds this is a great place to inject it. sometimes I have patients who say look I’ve got kind of a small chin. this is something that I would start injecting to enhance the chin.

so restylane being kind of like a tried and true very commonly used filler. if you if you’re not sure what filler to choose obviously talk to your doctor but this is one that that usually is kind of a can’t-miss.

Juvederm lip filler

The second group second family of fillers are called the Juvederm fillers. and these are two of them okay. the first one is Juvederm Ultra Plus. kind of like Restylane this is one that I use it’s kind of like the jack-of-all-trades for a filler. this is something that we use quite commonly to treat the nasolabial folds. you can inject it into the lips to enhance the lips. those are the two most common areas sometimes we’ll injected into the marionette lines, .this the great thing about the Juvederm Ultra Plus a couple things now this is a little different than Restylane. this too is a hyaluronic acid filler .but the longevity in my opinion is better .

Juvederm longevity

we do see patients that get anywhere from nine to 12 months out of the Juvederm Ultra Plus versus maybe the six to nine months out of the traditional Restylane. this also will absorb a little bit of water once it’s put into the system. let’s say that if we inject it into the lips it feels just a little bit softer maybe than the Restylane and it can absorb low water you can actually get a little bit more plumping. that also makes it not the best filler to use if you’re having filler under the eyes.

if you’re having filler under the eyes, then traditional Restylane gonna be better because you don’t get that plumping up effect .because the last thing you want is filler under the eyes to plump up more than you like it too. I have seen patients who’ve had Juvederm under the eyes and that Juvederm has actually gotten a little bit lumpy and so great this is a great filler if you’re thinking of plumping up the lips if you’re looking at filling in your nasolabial folds. not so good if you’re going under the eyes .once again great longevity this is a filler actually that I use most commonly.

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