Red Bull Zero vs Sugar Free


Red Bull sugar-free is my old favorite. If I am asked what my favorite drink, this is the answer. It’s amazing It’s fruity refreshing delicious. Red Bull sugar-free is light blue and Red Bull total zero is in silver color tin. Red Bull Zero has zero carbs and Red bull Sugar Free has about 3g carbs. Also Zero contains sucralose & Sugar Free includes aspartame and acesulfame-K, no sucralose.

Red bull zero and sugar free


Red Bull sugar-free, just good as it always. It’s a little tarty, mostly a flavor explosion of love and deliciousness has a pretty strong smell .

Red Bull total zero I immediately notice the fruity aspect of the smell here. Smells a lot like you know mangoes or something.

Similar the smell. Has a fruitier taste than the sugar-free Red Bull. A little lighter though not as strong not as much flavor coming at you. still refreshing.

I think the total zero initial taste is better 


Sugar free feel refreshing

Got a refresh burst from zero. However the fruit factor comes in here and makes it a little a little closer to a juice and juice is not necessarily refreshing you know it seems a little thicker a little stickier in their mouth.

I think the sugar free refreshing is better 


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