Qdoba Chile Crema


Chile Crema is a creamy and bit spicy sauce that made with chipotles in adobo sauce. one of my favorite combination is smoked brisket with chile crema. Also goes well with Qdoba adobe marinated steak that got southwest steak flavor.

Qdoba surf and turf burrito bowl

It is Qdoba and they have a brand new surf and turf burrito bowl that i tried. I absolutely love Qdoba’s guacamole and chips. the chips are absolutely fantastic. surf and turf burrito bowl smells so good right away I smelled the onions. honestly the appearance is over the top beautiful. like you just can’t wait to dig in. it’s like so colorful so fresh looking bright.it is so smells very teasing. it’s got double the protein. it’s got your shrimp, it’s got grilled steak, hand crafted guacamole, it’s got chili crema, pico de gallo, cut kotija cheese, cilantro lime rice, black beans served in a bowl .


That is an explosion of citrus flavor in your mouth. that lime just really finishes it off .that is really really good. the meat is so tender . i got some of the beef. there’s a bounce of the rice, the protein, the beans and the tomatoes and everything.

Qdoba bowl

I love the smokiness of the beef. Mm-hmm i just like how tender and soft it is i mean you know they’re chewing on like a piece of rubber. it’s not you know sometimes you put a beefy mouth to cut that little or cut like that size and it’s hard but this is just like soft already and then you chew it and just melts your mouth.  this is really really good and it is worth the price that you’re paying this cost me a total of $14.90.

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