Purecane Side Effects


Purecane doesn’t have any known side effects. But because it contains erythritol, too much consumption can cause bloating and gas.

How they make it

Now I just found out about a new company with a new take on making an alternative sweetener. They basically take the sweetness that’s provided by Stevia but they make it in  whole new way and they claim that way gets rid of that weird taste. They make it from fermenting sugar cane. So it is actually coming from the sugar cane plant. you’ll notice the first ingredient listed is Erythritol. But that’s not what does the sweetening, they say.

It’s basically used to “cut” the  Reb M sweetener Because Reb M is so sweet if they just put the equivalent sweetness amount in a little sugar pack, It would have just a few grains. So to make it easier to use and work with and make you feel like you are getting your money’s worth they mix it with Erythritol.

purecane sweetener baking

So the secret to Purecane‘s supposedly amazing taste is Reb M molecule. It’s how they make it. Now with traditional Stevia the Reb M molecule occurs naturally in the leaves of the Stevia plant. So they take the Stevia plant leaves and they process them to extract the Reb M. With Purecane they don’t start out with any Reb M. What they start out with is sugar cane. And they found a particular yeast that when they ferment the sugar cane with that yeast Reb M is produced. 

Purecane uses a fermentation process so they are using all natural ingredients. And just like you ferment beer, you ferment to create wine with this the original taste is what’s left. So Purecane’s product is all natural, diabetes friendly, non-GMO, zero calorie but with the improved taste.

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