Popeyes Blackened Tenders


Popeye’s got some new blackened chicken tenders. now they don’t have any breading, they don’t have any flour or any kind of batter on them. they’re just blackened with seasons and spice. Their seasoning include paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, oregano, onion powder& thyme. I’m sure they’re full chicken breasts and they’re full of flavor and it comes with a side and everything like in a box thing, like in a meal . It has 170 calories also

Blackened Tenders

Are they worth it?

Now they look awfully small for ten dollars. i get three of them about that size. now for ten dollars ten dollars that seems a little bit small. You do get three of them ,you get your biscuit and a side, i got the red beans and rice and a drink. so i understand that it is a combo. So you have to pay you know extra for the combo.

Popeyes blackened tenders taste 

But it does smell good. it looks like it has a lot of flavor on it, a lot of seasoning. This chicken is moist. It does have a little clip kick to it. but it is seasoned, it’s not crunchy but it’s spicy. not spicy hot, spicy flavor.it is juicy, it is tender, it’s a real chicken breast and it’s not cooked to death.

Ranch sauce

It’s even better with the blackened ranch sauce. you gotta try it the blackened chicken tenders. no batter, no breading, all flavor, moist, succulent, delicious. but tell me if it’s worth ten

This ranch dressing tastes like your regular ranch dressing but it has a little bit of kick to it. i can’t believe how soft and juicy this chicken is. Ranch dressing has seasoning and flavor. it’s not spicy. it just tastes like season, like popeyes.

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