Panera Boxed Lunches


Panera bread boxed lunches have lot of foods to choose from .They got sandwiches like frontega chicken, chipotle chicken avocado melt, steak & white cheddar, bacon turkey bravo, smokehouse BBQ chicken, tuna salad sandwich and so on. On salads they got citrus Asian crunch salad, green goddess cobb ,fuji apple salad with chicken, caesar salad with chicken and so on.

Panera frontega chicken panini

The frontega chicken has a beautiful, smoked pulled chicken, tomato, cheddar, some basil, some spicy mayo and their ciabatta bread. I always thought I liked the sourdough because it’s super crunchy. but I love how soft this is. I love to eat again & it is so delicious.

Panera Steak and white cheddar

steak and white cheddar and it has red peppers, cheese, toasty sourdough baguette. If you haven’t been to panera you’re missing out on their sourdough. this one’s super hearty. The pickled red onion makes it so it’s super fresh and zesty that goes with the steak. This one’s really hearty. I feel like I want to eat it on a very cold winter day in a really baggy sweater near a fireplace.

I actually think the frontega chicken is better than the steak and white cheddar. I always thought sticking white cheddar was my favorite.

Panera boxed sandwich

Panera caprese sandwich

Caprese sandwich and we have it on the ciabatta bread with a buttload of arugula. it’s like a salad and a sandwich. I’m tasting some pesto here & this one just tastes fresh as heck. I feel like i’m being healthy by eating this.

Panera bacon turkey bravo

last sandwich is the bacon turkey bravo. I asked from my instagram fans what were your favorite sandwiches menu items in general and the bacon turkey bravo definitely like won the poll besides the frantega chicken sandwich. So bacon turkey bravo have bunch of different bacon, gouda cheese, turkey, tomato, lettuce and that gorgeous chipotle mayo on the bottom. This tastes wholesome. This tastes like a sandwich if your mom loved you or your dad and they made you a sandwich for lunch at school. it tastes fruity like a fruity refreshing sandwich. My favorite from these sandwiches is definitely the frontier chicken sandwich.

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