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So I want to briefly discuss my experience with Northwell health about their billing practices. so I swim a lot and if you swim periodically you may get something called swimmer’s ear. So it’s very painful and  if you don’t do anything about it, it could last you know for a month or more.

So you really need to treat it with antibiotics. you have to get drops for it . Anyway, I go into the Urgent Care Center near me for Northwell health and when I walk in, I ask how much is a visit? She said 130 dollars. You can log in Northwell from here

So I go in and they work in my ear and it was kind of obstructed. so they sprayed some stuff in my ear and then they took my blood pressure and then they gave me those drops I had to take. so when I went to pay for the drops it cost 80 dollars.

Northwell healthcare

So then I went back about three weeks later. My other ear was bothering me and that ear it was it wasn’t as bad as the first ear. So they said you know we don’t have to spray anything in your ear. They took my blood pressure again and they gave me drops. another eighty dollars. So it worked. you know the the drops worked in both ears. So anyway couple days ago I get a bill, and they charged me for the first visit. They charged me 575 dollars and my insurance company paid $360. and so that left 225 dollars. and the second time I went  they charged $565 and my insurance paid $360. 

So anyway, for each visit I owed them 225 dollars for a total of 450 dollars and  I’m kind of astonished.  I called northwell health and you end up getting routed to someone in South America who doesn’t speak. I couldn’t understand her when she was talking. so then I called my insurance company and they told me it was normal.

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