Nick’s Ice Cream vs Halo Top


Main difference is Halo top vanilla ice cream have 290 calories & nicks ice cream has 240 calories. Nicks flavor last longer and it was creamier. Nick’s and Halo top are low-calorie ice creams. Nick’s brand is new & halo top is first to the market with the low-calorie ice creams that tasted good.


Based off calories alone, so like vanilla for the halo tops 290 and then for the nicks, it’s melting very fast. it’s 240 calories. and the chocolate for Nick’s is also 240 calories and the halo top is 300. so halo tops packing a bit more calories. I’m gonna assume that’s because they’re trying to pack either like more flavor or make it a bit thicker creamier.

Chocolate ice cream



Halo top tasted more like traditional vanilla. Nick’s was more artificial but it was creamy and I kind of liked it .It’s more artificial but the flavor last longer and it was creamier. Halo top kind of seemed like the flavor went away relatively quickly. and the Nick’s like all the way through the bite. it seemed like the flavor lasted even those kind of Artificial. so I’m gonna go to Nick’s ice cream here.


So the Nick’s one is it has that artificial taste. but it’s not as good as the vanilla and Halo Top tasted more like chocolate. I felt like it stayed in my mouth a little bit longer and like I was able to enjoy it more, while the Nick’s ice cream just like an overpowering artificial flavor.

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