Mr Beast Candy Bar


so I checked Mr Beast Candy Bars. I got milk chocolate, Deez Nuts peanut butter, Crunch bar with puffed rice all with grass-fed milk.The cool thing about these also is they have very kind of similar to the daily wire Jeremy’s chocolate bars. these have very low ingredients. So the Crunch bar for instance only has six ingredients. peanut butter has seven and milk chocolate has only five. 

On the bar it says, this is for the sharing. so you give them this little brick off the top and then this is the devour portion of the bar.

Mr Beast Candy Bar collection

Mr Beast Candy Bar Taste & Review

I would say it’s similar to the Jeremy’s chocolate. it’s kind of thin, it kind of has like that same fresh quality. it’s not very super sweet. 11 grams of added sugar. It has cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic chocolate liquor, organic milk and organic vanilla powder. pretty good ingredient list. No seed oils or anything like that which is usually found in chocolate bars that’s why I’ve really stopped eating chocolate bars. kind of tastes like dark chocolate in a way. this is a milk chocolate flavor but it kind of tastes like dark chocolate.

The milk chocolate one, I’ll give this a I give this an 8.5. it’s good, the more I ate it the more I liked. it kind of tastes like dark chocolate to me. Peanut butter one, I don’t like it. 


I would say is like a eight out of ten. it’s cool and I like it.


I will say also compared to the Daily wire chocolate. the daily wire chocolate you can only order online as far as I understand. these you can order online you can get on Amazon or you can pick them up at the store. so they’re a lot easier to to actually get in your hands.

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