Morpheus8 vs Thermage vs Profound


The thermage and ulthera are still used but they’re older treatments than profound and morpheus8. They just don’t get as big of a result as the newer technologies do and using ulthera or thermage over and over again trying to get a result, you’re going to eventually cause heat contracture or fibrosis

Amongst the radio frequencies that are really good for skin tightening i prefer profound and morpheus 8. those tend to be the best too. 

How Profound work?

profound is a true bipolar radio frequency that inserts needles into the skin. they’re actually pairs of electrodes. so it’s a much more controlled type of radio frequency and you do it one time you get fat for a week and it tightens your face over the course of a year. probably lasts like four or five years. i’ve had the device myself for about four years i’ve seen no loss of effect over those four years. it’s a very impressive device. it’s skin quality improvement and skin tightening. so if you look at someone’s nasolabial fold in a before and after photo it tends to get about 25 to 30 percent better on most people.

How Morpheus8 work?

i’ve seen second most impressive is the morpheus8. morpheus can’t usually get to what profound gets to overall. but it’s more versatile. morpheus was based upon the old fractora it is a great modification to the old fractora. now you can go between one and four millimeters in depth. it’s got little electrodes that come down with two grounds on the side. so it’s pretty well controlled. it has a little bit more propensity towards little bits of pigmentation formation than profound does. but it’s pretty uncommon. so it’s a really nice device. the good thing about it is you can treat superficial pores or you can go down four millimeters and treat the fat .so it’s a pretty cool device that you can use for all those things. but you do have to repeat it a couple of times. Morpheus is usually performed about three or four times to get its intended result .

skin tightning

Thermage & ulthera

The other radio frequency treatments are totally different. they’re used usually for more superficial types of therapy. they don’t get as much skin tightening as you would want but they do do a good job improving the appearance of pores and texture of the skin. the older types of treatments thermage and ulthera are still used. if they’re used with the classic treatment settings they’re fine they just don’t get as big of a result as the newer technologies do. when people try to crank up the energy, that’s when you see problems and i would avoid doing that over and over again trying to get a result or trying to maintain a result. you don’t want to do ulthera or thermage twice a year for your whole life. you’re going to eventually cause heat contracture or fibrosis within the skin and it’s not going to look so good in the long run.

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