McDonald’s vs Wendy’s


Main difference is, both have different tastes but McDonald’s french fries, cheeseburger & McChicken is better than wendy’s. But wendy’s vanilla frosty & Baconator is better than McDonalds McFlurry & Big Mac

I will be competing in this battle are cheeseburgers from both restaurants, the mc chicken vs crispy chicken sandwich, McDonald french fry vs Wendy’s french fry, the frosty vs McFlurry, Big Mac vs Baconator.

McDonald’s cheeseburger vs Wendy’s

The cheeseburger. it’s a simple item that is one of the cheapest things you can get on a fast food menu and also one of the most delicious. I get cheeseburgers all the time and not because they’re cheap but literally because they taste so good .they’re simple too delicious.

so Wendy’s got meat, we got cheese, onions, pickles and ketchup. I don’t see mustard or mayonnaise. Wendy’s meat tastes pretty real y’all. it tastes pretty authentic. simple does need some mustard .it’s kind of sweet.

Now McDonald. in this one have patty, cheese, mustard, ketchup and pickles. little bit onions. but just a little bit. you can really taste like a strong meaty flavor. But everything works. that is truly delicious

wendy's Baconator

McDonald’s french fry vs Wendy’s

so Wendy’s & McDonald’s french fries look so similar. they have a very similar shape .but Wendy’s does have the skin on the tips of the fries. I tasted these without ketchup because a good at french fries shouldn’t need ketchup. wendy’s fries to me, it tastes like chick-fil-a waffle fries. No offense but I think that they’re both very bland. now let’s try McDonald’s . I don’t think there’s any beating McDonald’s fries. they are simple salty delicious flavorful crispy skinny legends .they’re so good. they’re iconic. so I think that the clear winner here is McDonald’s

Wendy’s vanilla frosty vs McFlurry

the frosty is thick foamy. It tastes very vanilla extract. but I love that.  McFlurry color is like a skin tone. I love it. now I think wendy’s frosty ice cream has a better flavor and a stronger .but it does not have toppings. McFlurry have toppings . imagine frosties with toppings . that just sounds so delicious.

Wendy’s crispy chicken sandwich vs McChicken

so crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. I just see mayonnaise, a very thin piece of lettuce, that is barely visible. I love that .now the McChicken has as lot of mayonnaise & lot of shredded lettuce.  Wendy’s patty it’s great a little bit less has the tiniest bit of crunch. I really like it simple and delicious. mcchicken is very similar. wendy’s one has more of a chicken taste and then mcdonald one has more of a kick. like in the sauce and the breading of the chicken. they’re both amazing they’re both very similar .

Side salad vs side salad

McDonald’s  has some carrot shreds, it has cherry tomatoes and ranch. And that’s it .now Wendy’s has cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cheese , ranch and a packet of croutons. McDonald’s  lettuce looks real brown that’s just unappetizing. Wendy’s lettuce tastes fresh, the cheese is amazing the croutons are incredible and the ranch is everything the difference is insane.

Big Mac vs Baconator

So Big Mac has three pieces of bun, two beef patties and pickles and Big Mac sauce which is iconic. we got shredded lettuce, onions and cheese. the Baconator has bacon, very thick patties with cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and more cheese okay well that’s a maybe.  Big Mac is like honest the sauce is sweet but in a good way. so delicious. The Big Mac is truly an iconic legend. Baconator Has whole lot of meat .it is delicious. it’s just a lot it’s so much to handle my taste buds.

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