Mandm colors


The different colors of MandM are brown, red, yellow, green, blue and orange. The rarest color is brown. M&M’s have introduced limited edition or seasonal colors over the years, such as pastel colors for Easter or holiday-themed colors. The colors are only to add visual appeal and most times, chocolate inside is same.

Mandm colors

MandM Tastes

I really put a lot of effort into getting all the flavors and colors or I hope I have everything. I haven’t eaten m&m dark chocolate and also M&M mint is new to me. I also got the young famous M&M pretzel. so I had something called m&m peanut butter, then the birthday cake. and then m&m almond. serves the small pegs all from the United States. i also like m&m chocolate bar. there is a M&M chocolate bar and bigger packs such as M&M Krispies M&M peanut and m&m chocolate were made in Europe. 

so the best M&M is Almond. It got very intense taste of almond and its nice. I like sort of the standard peanut. I like nuts and basically like the nut combinations. So what I also like very much is to add a sort of cereal. Then the best was the mint. It tastes just as great as dark chocolate, which is asking for a gloomy flavor but I like it I’m a fan of dark chocolate. peanut butter which is very American and everybody who’s liked peanut butter we like it I think. then m&m birthday cake, which sort of sort of a milky creation. you have to try that one time in your life I think. them and just mmm chocolate. I think it’s boring. then pretzel, last is chocolate bar, it’s sort of boring I expected more

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