Lump Crab Meat


Lump Crab Meat
Crabs at dish

Crabmeat.Yes, you heard it right. Crabmeat is one of the best seafood you can find. Lump crab meat is one of the few grades of crab meat. So crab meat is the meat inside the crab. The meat is in low fat, and there are thousands of crab recipes out there. Most of the time crab meat is in cans, and first, it is cleaned and precooked before packaging. There are also several kinds of crabs in world: blue crab, brown crab and many more.

Declawing of crabs is a method that removes one claw from crab and releases the crab to the sea again. This method is used by some fisheries, and one claw can be pulled off manually by hand.

There are several grades of crab meat, and for the US market, there are several few different grades of crab meat. Different grades are from different parts of the crabs.

Grades of Crab Meat :

Jumbo lump meat:

These crab meat is comes from big crabs.This white color meat is comes from large swimming legs from the crab

lump meat :

These are the broken parts of the jumbo lump crab meat. These are used for mainly make crab cakes.

Colossal meat :

Also called as mega jumbo lump crab meat.This Colossal crab meat is comes from large swimming legs of blue crabs.

Back fin meat :

Back fin meat is small flakes or pieces of body crab meat.Back fin crab meat is also use for make crab cakes like maryland crab cakes.

Claw meat :

This meat comes from claws and swimming legs of the crab.This crab has high fat content and most delicious part of the crab.These meat is use for make soups etc.

Claw fingers meat :

These are the tips of the claw and served whole parts.The color of this meat is dark pink.

Benefits of eating crabs :

Rich in phosphorous: phosphorous is a mineral help to grow teeth & bones. If someone has osteoporosis, he needs to increase eating crab meat. Because crab meat is also rich in calcium.

Rich in Vitamin B2, selenium, Copper mineral,omega-3 fatty acids: These nutrients help to keep our nervous system healthy

Copper will increase the blood circulation: Iron is absorbed in the gut by the help of copper mineral. Iron is a key part of producing red blood cells and copper increase the level of red blood cells.

Selenium can strengthen the immune system: selenium act as an antioxidant of our body. It will stimulate our immune system and keep us healthy from diseases.

Balancing cholesterol levels: Omega-3 fatty acids will Balance cholesterol level.It will reduce the chance of having blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Also will keep our heart healthy.


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