Liquid Stevia Sweetener – Can Use For Beverages & Deserts


All right. so I wanted to do another quick review of some products for you. So we usually use stevia to sweeten most of whatever we’re eating or drinking that’s going to be sweet sometimes we’ll use things like coconut sugar or agave. But for coffees and beverages we usually use stevia. Mostly liquid stevia..

Some are vanilla cream flavor and it’s really nice because it comes with the little dropper and very strong. so I had a cup of coffee today. I put 10 drops of this in my cup of coffee this morning with some cream and it was really strong. so that might have been a little bit too much but it goes a long way .it has purified water, organic stevia liquid, natural flavors and vanilla extract. 

liquid stevia

Stevia can give extra bit of sweetness to your coffee

this product is delicious and it adds that extra a little bit of sweetness to your coffee in the mornings. If you need that without the extra calories or refined sugar, also really great if you carbonate water. We just used to carbonate water and then we’ll put a couple drops of something like this in it and it makes like a little vanilla cream soda great for the kids as a compromise as well. 

So the next one that I have tried is hazelnut flavor. It’s also called as stevia liquid sweetener. Again just a few ingredients natural hazelnut, glycerin flavor that was put into an alcohol base and certified organic stevia extract. Very delicious and I like that this has a nice intense hazelnut flavor to it and isn’t just sickly sweet. So I bought those too at a health food store. I’m also gonna put a link for Amazon if you wanted to purchase those. they’re about the same price sometimes a little bit cheaper actually from Amazon and again, if you live in a small area like me and you can’t get out of town to go to a health food store or something like that at your house in two days it’s fantastic.

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