Kabelline vs Kybella


The main difference is Kabelline is the Korean version & Its USA version known as KYBELLA. Both Kabelline and Kybella have same active ingredient deoxycholic acid as main ingredient

What is kabelline?

let’s just talk a little bit about what the kabelline is and what it does. so kabelline is a body contouring serum otherwise known as a fat dissolver.  I like to think of it more as a body contouring system because you can actually use this to sculpt the body and you can place it in different areas of the body or the face to actually dissolve fat, dissolve those fat pockets and create contours. so if you you know are you have a layer of fat over top of your abdomen and you know you have ab muscles because you you can feel them sometimes you just can’t see them because there is a very small layer of fat over top of those and that just happens in time. you probably wouldn’t be a good candidate to get lipo because you don’t have enough excess body fat to do that. so no doctor would really do that for you. that’s where these lipo dissolvers come into play because you can actually use these to dissolve those layers of fat to get those contoured results that you’re looking for.

Fat dissolver used men with abs

so i don’t want you to be confused and think that you know this you can only use this if you have an excessive amount of body fat. can you use it absolutely! But kabelline is marketed in korea and the active ingredient is Deoxycholic Acid and that is the active ingredient and the main ingredient in the us-marketed fat dissolver known as kybella.

What is kybella?

Now you may know kybella you probably heard of it people call it the instagram filter they call it the jawline snatch. because typically kybella was designed to dissolve the fat pockets underneath of the chin area then in turn contouring and shaping and chiseling that jaw and under chin area. now since the product has been out people have been able to use this on different areas of the body whether it be an armpit fold whether it be your love handles somewhere on the trunk of the body your thighs there’s many many different ways in places that you can use this.

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