Is Aspartame cause blood cancers? Side effects of Aspartame Sweetener.

Aspartame cause blood cancers in long run.


Aspartame is causing cancers
Aspartame is causing cancers

In this article, I will talk about the artificial sweetener called Aspartame. First, I must say if you willing to live more than 45 + years, please avoid all the artificial flavour and artificial colourants and artificial sweeteners. Whatever they said about artificial things, they are bad for you. That’s the 100% truth. Trust me. I say avoid all artificial drinks and foods . all these things use at least one of these sweeteners like Aspartame cancer causer. Anyway, we’ll talk about Aspartame.

Products contain Aspartame :
1.Diet soda
3.sugar-free candy
4.sugar-free ice cream
5.low-calorie yogurt
6.reduced-calorie fruit juice
7.some drugs.

Aspartame is 200 times stronger than sucrose and used as a substitute for sugar in foods and beverages. Aspartame has a long history starting from 1965 .
It remains popular for many years but had some controversy about that it will cause cancer in long run.lets talk about how it reacts with our body.

How it works.

when it reaches our digestive system , that break up into 3 parts :
1.Phenylalanine (an amino acid).
2.Aspartic acid (an amino acid).
3.Methanol (an alcohol molecule).

In these three parts methanol is the toxic part.It is a substance in ethanol.Methanol is highly concentrated on beverages, juices .

Some websites claimed that Aspartame cause :

5.and cancers.

Aspartame can be Blood cancers !!!

Some websites say that it will cause blood cancers like leukaemia because Aspartame reacts with blood in our body. But researcher doesn’t say exactly this. They just say there is some possibility that can happen this. I don’t know how this working because most of the worlds top companies use this sweetener and they have to mush more money.They can easily deviate these tests to their preferred.

Please if you need to live longer and healthy do not take any artificial drinks and foods. Drink fruit fruits and natural foods.

Problem solved
Thank you

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