Icy hot vs Bengay


Main difference is Bengay has ingredient called camphor that cools nerve endings & then warms the area that in pain. But Icy hot doesn’t have camphor and it only has Menthol & Methyl salicylate


Bengay is a water-based cream with the main active ingredients being camphor, methylcellusilate and menthol. now if you’re in a lot of pain if you’re dealing with back spasms, arthritis pain like knee arthritis, hip arthritis, if you’re dealing with foot, wrist ,hand pain especially in the arms and legs. skin tends to be a little thinner on your on your wrists hands ankle and feet. so it penetrates extremely well in that area and you instantly i mean within a minute or so start feeling the little numbing effects the little tingly effects of it. and it changes the sensation that you’re getting into the area and makes it feel a little bit better.

Its doesn’t solve problem

now you just have to have a clear understanding that this is not going to solve your problem. if you’ve got arthritis for instance, it’s not fixing your arthritis, it’s just taking the edge off so you can get a little more comfortable and maybe sleep better or rest a bit so that you’re not in constant pain and in constant discomfort.

back pain

Icy hot

Icy hot is actually really really strong in terms of the smell. so once you guys apply this on like everyone around you would definitely smell it. but that doesn’t matter as long as the product itself can help prevent your actual body from feeling pain over time and soar. then this is what matters .i want to say 20 seconds or less than that to kind of like start feeling that uh instant kind of like pain relief on It.

as for the icy hot that we have right here this one actually works really really well as well. now you guys can use it for arthritis, body aches, knee pains, joint pain, back pain, stored muscle, basically any kind of like soreness or pain. you guys can actually use this for that.

How it works

once you guys squirt it out and apply it onto your skin it’s like an instant cooling kind of like feeling to it it feels really really nice it’s kind of like a cold breeze. and it literally takes less than around like 20 seconds as well for it to instantly feel that coldness and like that breeze kind of feeling and it feels really really nice. and the smell for this product is definitely not as strong as the tiger bond smell .but you definitely still get like a small little odor it’s melted once you guys apply it on.

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