How Tall Is Zendaya?


Zendaya is 5 foot 10 inches tall, inheriting her height from her 6-2 father and a 6-4 mother. 

whether you’re a disney buff or a marvel geek you’ve likely heard the name zendaya and seen this global superstar at work. with the name translating as to give thanks zendaya is a star who brings plenty of sparkle to the screen.

She has a crush on channing tatum and is obsessed with ice cream

How she started

Zendaya, marie stormer coleman was born on the first of September in 1996. Her parents are both teachers. zendaya has stated multiple times that if she weren’t an actress her career of choice would hands down be teaching. zendaya’s father is of african-american descent and her mother has scottish and german ancestry.

Attending fruitvale elementary school zendaya developed an interest in acting after being part of a play for black history month advancing her skills through her observations at the california shakespeare school. As her mother worked at the shakespeare school through the summer zendaya had the opportunity to join her. Selling tickets and raising funds while watching the performances that would inspire her to pursue acting.

Interesting facts

She also starred as the love interest of zac efron in the greatest showman and the voice of michi in small foot.

Her hidden talent is being able to bite into ice cream with her front teeth.

Her favorite flavor is hanging dolls coffee.

Zendaya is a vegetarian. and her hobbies include singing dancing designing clothes and watercolor painting.

In an interview with vogue zendaya stated that she always takes her makeup off before bed and will not go for a single day without wearing spf.



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