How Tall Is Bhad Bhabie


Bhad Bhabie fairly tall with a height of 4 Feet and 11 Inches. Her weight is about 42 kg.

Today we’re going to talk about bad barbie and how did she make 52 million dollars last year. You might be wondering how much did she pocket. Well she pocketed 43.2 millions of net income. and if you have any sorts of business you know that those margins of 81.5 are just mind-blowing

Bad barbie is also known as danielle bergoli and she is only 19 years old. She’s from Florida she was raised and born in boyden beach florida her parents kira pescovitz and barbara and bergoli made it for a year before barbara became pregnant and then when she was an infant her dad left them.

Bhad Bhabie

danielle’s descent is jewish from her dad’s side and italian from her mom’s side she was mainly raised in a catholic household by her mom who is from new york city.

All worked out for bad barbie

It all worked out for her bad barbie signed a record deal with Atlantic records and extended into other deals and if you don’t know who Atlantic records are, those are the same people who signed jack harlow. In 2017 bad barbie was signed by a music manager his name was adam kluger and at first they received a lot of backlash for their work. Nobody’s talking saying nothing now when kluger just bought himself a 9.5million dollar mansion in south Florida

First song she ever makes is called these hoes and of course it goes bazooka viral .She ended up being the youngest rapper that had a song on the billboard top 100. In 2021 she realized that she wanted bigger slides of her pie. So she started her own music label called bad music. Her first single misunderstood ended up being number eight on the billboard charts .Six hours after that barbie joined only fans she’s already made a million .

OnlyFans Earnings

She has earned $16.6 millions of dollars in subscriptions from Only Fans. But wait it gets better she got $160 000 in tips and $25.5 millions for messages!

She not only makes her money on only fans. she also got paid two million dollars for her sponsorship with fashion nova when all she had to do is take some pictures and post it.



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