Hips vs Lats BBL


So laterals means your waist is small but your hip become very big. Hips means when your waist is small but your hip become gradually bigger. Hips make you look naturally curvy while lats will give you more vixen look.

Hips vs Lats BBl

What is a BBL surgery?

A bbl starts out with liposuction. Doctors use cannulas that has little holes in it. which gonna go inside and then that is the suction that actually removes the fat.

First they put a little bit of fluid in. so that makes it easier. The little cannula is connected to a suction device and this has suction. It is just a vacuum and it has suction that gets connected and so then when do the liposuction, all the fat gets returned.

Now once all of that, fat is returned to a canister. Doctors let this sit. let everything kind of separate. and then from there they get the fat. Then this fat , they use when we do a bbl. because with the bbl, doctors are going to take this fat that got from liposuction we’re going to inject it into the patient. so that she has more fullness, more hips & pretty shape.

Can BBL use anyone else fat?

you can’t use anyone else’s fat because your body would reject it. if you were an identical twin you could take fat from one person from one twin and put it in the other twin. because they have the exact same genes. but for everyone else what doctors do is, they take the patient’s own fat and use that to augment the area they want.

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