Hips vs Lats BBL


So with laterals, it looks like your waist is small but your hip become very big. Hips means when your waist is small but your hip become gradually bigger. Hips make you look naturally curvy while lats will give you more vixen look.

hips vs lats in BBL

BBL vs Natural

So BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, and essentially it is taking fat from a different part of your body and injecting it into the butt to increase mass of natural buttcheaks. And upwards up until a few years ago, we thought that this was the safest way to enhance the buttocks And as we know, our society and our culture, it’s really focused on the derriere. Unfortunately, studies have now shown that it has the highest mortality rate, death rate, in all of plastic surgery.

So, I don’t think that it’s not a safe operation. I think there are unsafe ways to perform it. And in general, there are plastic surgeons around the country who do, that’s almost all they do is Brazilian butt lifts. And they do it very safely. because they know where you can inject the fat which is in the subcutaneous layer, which is above the muscle, and where you don’t inject the fat which is below the muscle.

But where I caution patients is to be very careful if the person who’s doing it on you is not a true expert in it. 

What about complications with BBLs?

The issue with the BBL, is that, you know some doctors are injecting massive quantities of fat into the buttocks. Now, when you’re young an you’ve got young, tight skin, and somebody injects a liter of fat into each butt cheek, your skin may be good to hold that up.

But as we all know, as we get older, that skin gets looser, and those ligamentous connections get stretched out. And they’re not as strong and taut as it used to be.

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