Herbal Slimming Tummy Pellet


What does the slimming tummy pellet do?

So apparently there’s this thing you put on your belly button and it makes you lose weight. people are falling for it .i feel like mostly it’s going to be in the older side you know people that don’t really understand. but i guess people believe it you can see all the comments people are actually thinking this thing works. honestly i’m kind of jealous that they got more views on TikTok than i do.

so on herbal slimming tummy pellet website, they label it as an ancient Chinese detox.. They  have a product for hair removal, comes right off that easy. They have one to make your armpits white, a cream that cures baldness, a coffee that makes your boobs bigger. apparently everything’s on sale.

How do you use a tummy pellet?

Belly button patches are adhesive patches that are applied to the skin under the belly button. the patch contains a drug that’s released slowly over time. they are used to treat obesity and other conditions such as weight loss.

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How does the belly button patch work?

to be honest I found no scientific proof of the ingredients of how these belly button patches work. first some weight loss patch Brands claim their products are extracted from natural plants. but I couldn’t find out what these plants are.some of them also say that the patch penetrates through your skin and helps with fat breakdown. so basically they claim that you can put on the patch and that’s it

Does the belly button patch work?

people are more optimistic about these patches because of all the claims there are about the 20 ingredients that are thought to help with weight loss. but one ingredients in such small amounts can’t have an impactful effect on body fat and Metabolism.

Why there are reviews about belly button patches work?

well as marketing goes, a lot of people hype up stuff like this who can they make maximum sales before cashing out. even the brand that I bought my belly button weight loss Patches from has completely disappeared from the internet. there are so many red flags when it comes to belly button weight loss patches. it is unreal and I personally would not trust any weight loss patches when they’re out there.

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