Golden Syrup vs Honey


There isn’t much difference between honey and golden syrup. 1 teaspoon of honey have 17g of sugar & 21 calories and golden syrup has 64 calories and 17 g of carbohydrates. Yоu can use honey instead of golden syrup. But hоnеу has strong different flavor and honey burns with high heat. You can use light corn syrup or brown rice syrup as substitute for golden syrup

So what is golden syrup?

Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is essentially a what they call a light treacle. It is a thick syrup that is similar to honey similar to maple syrup but kind of in between. and it is used in all sorts of baking as well as a general topping. and it turns out in the united states it’s very very difficult to come across golden syrup. But it is usually widely available in places like great britain new zealand and of course australia.

It’s only three simple ingredients and that’s just water, lemon juice and sugar. In factories its made by inverting sugar during the refining process. It has only just water, sugar and citric acid.

Benefits of honey

First of all i’d like to remind you to use local honey. the benefits we’re going to talk about today are made that much better by using local honey. local honey means local pollen which means local bees. It’s just a chain reaction that is so much better if you’re using honey for your health.

yes to me honey is almost medicinal

  • It helps with allergies local bees local pollen it’s gonna help you with the allergies the seasonal allergies you have in your particular area. number two it positively impacts your skin it is anti-aging and it helps with rashes and
  • It improves sinus function
  • It helps with sleep because it’s calming
  • It’s a cough remedy
  • It aids in longevity
  • Honey boosts memory
  • Help strengthen your immune system
  • It’s anti-inflammatory

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