Glucose vs Glycogen


Glycogen is just chains of glucose. I cut one of the chains and then I can put the glucose somewhere else and it’s a little more complicated physiologically or biochemically.

We’re just gonna discuss the difference between glucose and glycogen. Glucose is a six carbon molecule and glycogen is a chain of those six carbon molecules. So glucose is formed in this little ring. It’s a bunch of these it’s just different types of sugar gets stored together and what happens is we cleave those bonds and we use that carbon as energy and those bonds as energy. with glycogen it’s really just all of that but they’re all chained together. so there’s multiple of them they get stuck together and in doing that they are readily available for our muscle and for our liver to mobilize and use as energy.

Glucose & Glycogen

What is glycogen?

Glycogen looks like the first place your body puts. glycogen is inside the liver and those liver storages are there to feed the body as quickly as possible. when sugars get low when you get shaky your body is looking to say hey give me some of the stored glycogen. it could only do that when your insulin has dropped. so if I’m in charge of your insulin if I’m poking and putting insulin in you, you’re not gonna empty out that glycogen very well. it’s gonna get stored and that’s where my diabetics end up with years and years of elevated glycogen storage and then they have have a really big liver. Because I’ve chemically made it impossible for them to empty their liver. 

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