Garlic Dressing CAVA


CAVA garlic dressing includes garlic, salt, lemon juice, aquafaba & canola oil. The dressing is super thick and fluffy. Its one of the most popular dressings in CAVA

Garlic dressing recipe

I’m just gonna chop up some scallions first. let’s cut your scallions very fine. Add a little bit of garlic, a half a teaspoon to a cup. Add a nice teaspoon of dijon mustard gives it that beautiful background spice. freshly cut chives, very fine. salt and pepper. next ingredient is buttermilk. we’re gonna put two tablespoons in. it adds that extra added sourness to the dish. next to our scallions. just gonna drop them in and then really the most important ingredient is the cider vinegar and only just a little more than a half a tablespoon. and then we’re just gonna mix that. 

Garlic Dressing

You want a certain consistency you don’t want it to be too runny and as this sits that the garlic the chive the mustard it will infuse. so I recommend you make it early in the day if you’re gonna use it that night. I like to store this in a mason jar. this recipe is one that will sit in your fridge for a long time. seal that up and whenever you’re using it you just give it a good mix. this is a creamy ketchup you can use it on almost anything.

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