Freddy’s vs Culver’s


Main difference is Culver’s burger has more meat. Also little bit more of that magic buttery taste than Freddy’s burger and more juicy.

At Freddy’s we’re gonna use the original double burger. it’s a double cheeseburger with some toppings. at Culver’s we’re gonna use the butter burger cheese double. both of them claim to be the best. both of them do cook them to order


The taste of the burgers are really not that much difference. I think there’s a little more meat in Culver’s. that a little bit more of that magic buttery taste in the Culver’s burger. the Culver’s burgers a little juicy .but I did kind of screw it up by putting mayonnaise on it. both of them are cooked very well. the Freddy’s burger comes with pickles that they’re not a really sour dill pickle hamburger chip kind of flavor like I like. the meat is about the same. don’t know if they’re cooking, they’re buttering this thing or not like Culver’s does. definitely a little more flavor in the Culver’s burger. 

Culver's burger

Uncooked onions on them. which is alright it doesn’t bother me. I really had trouble telling the uncooked onions were there. there are kind of a sweet variety onions .they have a little bit of heat to them.

I like Freddy’s. but I think I’m gonna have to give it to Culver on several points one is the price point by way Culver seems to be a little bit more filling. it’s a little bit more oily. you can get that buttery taste in it that they cooked it. I think they butter the buns. but on those points I’m gonna have to give it to Culver.

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