Flower In Coconut


Coconut flower is the flower that come from coconut tree .duhh.. But some people say fluffy part inside when coconut Brocken apart. Actually it is not a flower, It says it’s germinating coconut. Also called as a coconut sprout. Some people believe it brings good luck.

coconut flower

How it become coconuts?

If someone asks, what is the oldest flowering tree in the world? you can answer “coconut flower”. In early stage, flowers grow inside a green cover which is called the “spathe”. When the time goes, the green cover splits and fall off the tree. Then flowers open to the air. In one branch, there are hundreds of tiny male flowers and few female flowers. Male flowers are look like lilies and female flowers look like small coconuts. From the bees ,insects and wind, male flowers can pollinate female flowers. Once that happened, female flowers become coconuts after about 10 months.

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