Firehouse Subs Tuna


Firehouse subs tuna includes tuna blend, mayo, lettuce, tomato ,onion, mustard & black pepper. They use blend of StarKist tuna for the sandwich. They also give pickle as a side with this.

Firehouse Subs Tuna Taste

Very sweet. it’s definitely sweeter and this was up a wheat bread and sweeter than Subway’s tuna. I don’t like Subway’s onions, red onions. they’re too loud & it’s too much. you need the sweet onions. it might look prettier but.. Firehouse tuna sandwich is so tender salad sub. but it really doesn’t taste much like tuna to it. it’s not that they didn’t put tuna on it .Then there’s onions on this. I don’t really like onions also. but this is not very Tuna tasting. so I want the firehouse to explain it. Looks like it’s got maybe some chicken salad mixed in with. I can’t tell the big difference between this in a subway sub.

Tuna sub

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