Firehouse Subs Philly Cheese Steak


Firehouse subs philly cheese steak got provolone cheese, you got the steak and you have green bell peppers and onions and they actually put deli mustard and mayonnaise on the sub. so they’re not calling this a Philly. so you gotta keep that in mind. so all you Philly fanatics out there, don’t get on Firehouse Subs and say that is not a Philly.

Week ago the famous Cheesesteak from Jersey Mike’s and I got a comment from someone that said that they prefer Firehouse Subs cheese steak. And I was like Firehouse Subs they steam their subs they don’t chop it up they don’t have a grill back there.

Firehouse Cheese Steak Sub
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Firehouse subs cheese steak review

Bread is not the freshest and  I will tell you that they do actually steam it .but maybe some of these Subs actually run it through the conveyor belt. maybe to melt the cheese and yeah it was uh toasted a little bit. so there you go a lot of bread compared to the center. it reminds me of Subway steak

I’m gonna even tell you the Subway steak and cheese on flatbread blows this away in taste in texture and everything. This is just not very flavorful and not very cheesy. You barely see any cheese in there filling is small compared to the bun.

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