Fajita Veggies Qdoba


Qdoba fajita include bell peppers, red onions that are well seasoned with oregano and salt. It has around 1200 calories. Because of veggies, Fajita have high fiber, vitamins and minerals. It can add smoke, spicy, little bit sweet flavor to your Mexican food. One of my favorite topping for Mexican foods.

How to make Qdoba fajitas at home

Qdoba fajita

First slice four different colored bell peppers for maximum color and flavor. mix those around and grab one red onion to slice. Clean the onion thoroughly and remove any unwanted Parts and slice it. let’s add one cup of red onions to a bowl and one and a half cup of those bell peppers. let’s pluck some fresh oregano and mince it to this exact consistency. season your hot pan with some neutral oil put your fajitas on it and let the magic begin. when they’re almost cooked through let’s add a teaspoon of oregano, some salt mix it all around and serve. Don’t forget to enjoy fajita.

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