Erythritol Vs Dextrose


The main difference between erythritol and dextrose is erythritol produce by fermentation from dextrose and dextrose is another word for simple sugar or glucose or corn sugar.

What is Dextrose?

So dextrose is a natural sugars found in in nature and real foods and some food products. It’s also known as glucose which is where they got to form the name. So it’s a version of glucose which means that the body can use it for energy. you know it’s something that occurs in nature but then also we can extract it from food. So a lot of times they’ll extract it from starchy foods sometimes corn but sometimes other starchy things though. Dextrose can be used for a lot of different reasons inside foods and food products. So it can be obviously used as a sweetener but then also it can be used as a thickener and then oh its texturing either agent .


So I don’t think the dextrose in and of itself is a problem maybe in high amounts could be problematic. So what we really want to look for when we’re looking at labels and things is the amount of sugar ,total sugar in a serving or something .So and and the way that I’d look at sugars in general is we have optimal you know kind of medium gray area stuff and then things to completely want to avoid .So when it comes to sugars the optimal is gonna be real food sources of sugar .So honey, fruit, juices, dates, figs and things like that right .in the kind of gray area acceptable but not optimal realm which is where dextrose is gonna fall in. We have some things like nectar, brown sugar, some of the rice syrups,sucrose, xylitol and the alcohol sugars .

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is it really a good sweetener .There’s a lot of information going around today about erythritol .If is it good is it not and what type of sugar-free sweetener is it really .Those people who do low-carb keto type ways of eating are very familiar with erythritol. Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol found and sugar-free foods, beverages, sauces, anything like that .It’s become very popular like I said because of the increased popularity of low sugar no carb diets such as Atkins, keto all different kinds of things. 

So there’s two types of erythritol .There’s GMO corn derivative erythritol and there’s non-gmo corn derivative erythritol. You want to avoid the GMO corn derivative erythritol like the plague. It is heavily processed with chemicals and in my opinion the GMO because it’s made in a lab is not going to be good for you. If we’re truly one clean and natural and only things found in nature so we can heal our bodies through what we eat and what we’re putting on the inside of it you want to stay as far away from anything GMO as possible.

So the best option if you’re going to use erythritol obviously is going to be the non GMO derivative form .However even the non GMO derivative form of erythritol can give people side-effects such as stomach aches ,diarrhea and headaches plus some people can actually get an allergic skin reaction to erythritol even the non GMO derivative form of erythritol.

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