Does Twix Have Peanuts?


Twix peanut Butter was first created in 1983 then disappeared in 1997. Then by popular demand Twix Peanut Butter returned to stay in 2000 and to this day has it’s own dedicated following.

If you want to Feel good then it is all about balancing certain aspects in life. It’s important to keep a good balance of work and valued time with the people you love. You also need to find that balance between what you eat and how much you exercise. And it is equally important to balance enjoyment in most snack foods like Twix along with eating other types of foods and keeping to a good variety. Finding that right balance of pleasure is very important with staying healthy and living longer.

chocolate bar

So does twix have peanuts?

Their are no nuts in twix chocolates …..its just caramel…..

But their can be small TRACES. Twix’s dad, Mars corporation does produce a number of nut-based items. So because they use same factory, there can be tiny traces. I Don’t think that will be a problem and Twix avoided using peanuts because of who are allergic to peanuts. So they prefer nut free chocolate candy



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