Do Beeswax Candles Clean the Air?


    Yes.. they can clean the surrounding air. Now the reason is pure beeswax when it burns it doesn’t create any pollution. They also remove positive ions from the air which means it acts like an air purifier. It can remove dust, odor, toxins from air by releasing negative ions to the air .They’ve been burning beeswax candles since ancient times; the Romans and the Egyptians all used beeswax.

    Now what makes my beeswax candle so special is obviously they’re made with love, but they’re made with nothing else other than pure food-grade beeswax. It smells absolutely amazing.

    So what makes them so special? Other than maybe love I got pure beeswax. now the other thing is too, what makes burning a pure beeswax candle yes they are more expensive than a lot of other candles. but the bees trust me they’ve got to do a lot of work to actually produce this beeswax. so that’s why it is a little bit dearer than some of the other soy based and paraffin based candles. but they’re so much better and so much healthier for you to burn.

    Why Add Coconut Oil to Beeswax Candles?

    When I’m making beeswax candles, I add small amount of coconut oil because it creates smooth texture on the candle. Without coconut oil I saw cracks on the candle after candle dry’s up. For that I add coconut oil. This is how I make my candles

    I’ve got candles made from natural coconut shell .So these candles burn for about 16- 20 hours and that does depend as well. As far as the burning time because it depends on the oxygen you’ve got a breeze. I do not add any colorings. so they’re just natural as the way the bees produce it

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