Do bath bombs expire?


Yes. Bath bombs have expiration date. It has shelf life of more than 6 months.. Most probably under one year. Ingredients like essential oils can cause a bath bomb to get rancid within one year.

As a kid, I looked forward to cake baking and pie making with my mum. Not only was I allowed to make a mess, I was allowed to ‘taste’ the icing, and scrape off the crumbs from the paper lining the cake tins, after the cake was suitably cool and sitting pretty on the wire rack. Most kids love ‘helping’ adults…not only do they get to spend quality time with their family, they learn stuff that stays with them for life while having fun. 

Bath bombs are a fun

bath bomb

Bath bombs are a fun addition to your bathroom…not only do they look pretty, they add note of frivolousness to the most staid room. You could make them in different colors and textures, depending on your bathroom color scheme. They could be two-tone with a mix of dyes, and if you can find molds other than the regular spherical ones, you could have heart shaped or ball shaped bombs too.

Cinnamon bath bomb

Our cinnamon scented  if you have trouble sleeping and bathe in luxury before going to bed for a stress free nap, waking up rejuvenated and smelling good at the same time!

This cinnamon bath bomb to awaken your olfactory nerves! The cinnamon aroma will elevate your mood

If you feel the need for a good pampering session, Pick your music; pour the wine and light the candles for extra effect and you will surely feel like a new woman after the bath bomb does its trick!

You can surprise your kids too…embed a small rubber toy or sprinkles in the bomb, to make bath time a joy rather than a chore for them. Watch them splash around waiting for the surprises to be revealed!

Rather than buying expensive aromatherapy oils, buy our handmade eco-friendly bath bombs with natural products…

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