Del Taco Churro


I got churro dipper shake shake from Del Taco .It has chocolate, a big churro. it’s actually pretty good. it’s really good. Tastes just like a vanilla shake and you get little bits of chocolate and a little bit of true Dolce. mini shake doesn’t come with that chocolate drizzle just comes with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

They gave me a straw light and gave me a spoon because it is a shake. It looks pretty thick to shake. The ice cream is super thick. I don’t think this is shake ice cream. this is just ice cream. Definitely gonna taste that chocolate sauce. Tasting really good. yeah I just wish it was a little easier to drink. This seems like some ice cream to me. i wish they’d give me a spoon. we got that cinnamon flavor on the ice cream with that chocolate sauce tasting real good.

Churro with chocolate shake

Now the churro is a bit on the hard side because it’s inside the ice cream is cooling it down. although you know that ice cream in a churro, pretty good combination. Don’t get a straw. maybe get a spoon, although that kind of ruins the fun get the churro, use that to dunk it

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