Curved Nails vs Clubbed Nails


Main difference is Clubbing nails is a condition where it changes the shape and angle of the nail as the opposite of curved nails. you’ll also hear some people call it “spoon nail or curved nails” because you get such a dramatic scooping of the nail that you can actually hold a drop of liquid in it.

Clubbing nails

So essentially it’s a focal bulbus growth usually associated with the fingers. so what you can see here is a zooming diagram of a finger and this is a normal-looking finger. So what clubbing essentially is associated with is a change in angle between the plate and the nail fold. So you can see down here that angle changes quite dramatically.

Clubbed Nails
Clubbing nail

Clubbing nails cauces

So neoplasms are some examples of lung cancers, pleural cancers like mesothelioma and lympho. lung, so these would be like cystic fibrosis, any kind of lung fibrosis. GIT, this would go into the inflammatories like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s and then celiac is another one and also liver like cirrhosis. In terms of heart ones to be aware of is endocarditis and cyanotic heart disease. So infections like TB, HIV.  and then in the endocrines such as thyroid.

Curved nails

The first thing I think about when I see a nail like this is iron deficiency anemia that leads to soft nails. There are tons of causes for iron deficiency.It could be that you don’t get enough iron in your diet. But it also could be that you’re slowly losing blood from somewhere. We always worry about a hidden cancer in that case. but like most things in medicine, Koilonychia (spoon nail) can also be caused by other diseases like skin psoriasis, the autoimmune disease or it could be idiopathic meaning we don’t know what causes it. So if you’re noticing that your nails are looking a little bit scooped, then it’s better to talk to your doctor or get your iron levels checked because the good news is, if it’s iron deficiency and you supplement with iron, your nails should grow back normally.

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