Colon Cancer ICD 10 Codes

Colon Cancer ICD 10

colon cancer ICD 10
digestive system in human body

Hi.Welcome back. In this article, I will talk about colon cancer ICD 10. Before we start talking about colon cancer ICD 10, we’ll talk about what is colon cancer.

In medical science ICD, 10 is the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It contains codes for diseases, signs, complaints, social circumstances, and injury or diseases.

Colon cancer ICD 10 codes :

C18 Malignant neoplasm of colon.

C18.0 cecum
C18.1 appendix
C18.2 ascending colon
C18.3 hepatic flexure
C18.4 transverse colon
C18.5 splenic flexure
C18.6 descending colon
C18.7 sigmoid colon

Excludes :
C18.8 overlapping sites of colon
C18.9 colon large intestine colon

C19 malignant neoplasm of recto sigmoid junction
Colon with rectum
C20 Malignant neoplasm of rectum
Rectal ampulla

How is this happening

So basically, colon cancer starts from the large intestine (colon). It is the final part of our digestive system. Colon cancer can affect any age range and most of the time. It will affect adults. So it begins as small, clumps of cells called polyps inside the wall of the colon.polyps is the first stage.if found in this stage doctors can remove them by screening tests. if found this state most of the time, by tests can prevent it from being cancer. There is colon cancer ICD 10 codes for identifying the parts of it.

Stages of colon cancer :
stage 0 : very small and grows in inner layer of colon.
stage 1 : grow for next layer of tissue. but still not visible.
stage 2 : cancer will reach for outer layers.
stage 3 : it will grow through colon with 2 or three lymphs.
final stage : if this progress it can be reach for other body parts.

If somehow it grows and become cancer, still it can be destroyed by certain treatments like surgery, radiation therapy and by using drugs — so no need to worry about.

signs of colon cancer :
blood in your stool
cramps or pain
A feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty completely.
sudden weight loss and week.

How to prevent

So basically doctors say it will affect DNA from previous members of patients generation. But that can’t prove 100% yet. The advice if someone’s elder ones affect from colon cancer he needs to do a screening test soon because he has a high chance of being a colon cancer patient. Other vice doctors usually advice all the people to do a screening test at 50.

How to reduce colon cancer risk :
1.Eat fruits ,vegetables all the time.
2.Eat vegetable has more fiber content like Lasia Stalk
3.Stop smoking
4.Drink alcohol, but in a limit more than one drink per day ..

Hope you gathered knowledge about colon cancer ICD 10 and about colon cancer.

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