Collagen Peptides vs Protein Powder


The main difference is collagen powder is better for skin & joints and also have antioxidant properties. Protein powder is mainly use for muscle recovery and for fitness tasks.

What are collagen?

Collagen contain collagen hydrosylate, which is basically collagen that’s been broken down into small little three amino acid peptides. that your body can actually absorb. And we do have some preliminary studies showing that those collagen hydroxylates they’re easily absorbed into the digestive tract they’re detectable in the blood 96 hours after ingestion. and they stay they localize to the skin and stay there for about two weeks. and studies suggest that these peptides improve skin hydration some of the visible signs of photo aging.

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Collagen peptides benefits

There’s also some preliminary data to suggest that they have antioxidant properties. they can help reduce inflammation and so you know there’s a lot of enthusiasm for collagen peptides. why the peptides as opposed to just gelatin? well gelatin the collagen, gelatin you know, that’s one form but it’s difficult to for your body to absorb that whereas the peptides smaller easier to absorb into the body. so that’s why the interest in the supplements over just j-e-l-l-o which is a form of collagen.

How to use protein powder?

you can easily throw it into a smoothie. you can also bake with them there’s tons of recipes online. where you can replace some of the flour with protein powders. this way you can make a high protein pancake a high protein waffle or a muffin makes for a great grab-and-go breakfast or snack idea. so the best times to use these protein powders again is when you’re trying to add more protein to your meals or snacks because there’s not any other protein available. again in my opinion though if you can get it from food first always grab it from food and if you can’t then protein powders are a great alternative.

Gelatin or Collagen?

Well.. the main reason why is in most of our diets now, we don’t get a lot of these beautiful minerals as well as the collagen. protein found in foods such as chicken skin, fish skin, different cartilage around the meat, a bone broth, a lot of native diets will eat the entire animal and get all the benefits of the collagen protein.

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