Coconut Sugar vs Maple Syrup


The main difference between coconut sugar and maple syrup is that maple syrup has low glycemic index than coconut sugar and it has more vitamins and minerals than coconut sugar.

Coconut Sugar

It’s expensive .Four times more expensive than any of the other sugars. There’s a lot of health claims about it but they haven’t really been proven. Comes from the coconut palm tree not to be confused with palm tree which palm sugar is different. It has again a nice dark flavor. it’s from the SAP of the tree so it has some of those extra minerals antioxidants polyphenols. But really there’s no measured health benefit but you still have to watch your portion. People think that coconut sugar is the thing. It’s still sugar. Don’t forget about that.

Well it’s harvested from the set of the coconut plant through a very natural process of extracting the juice and then allowing water to evaporate. Process-wise it’s one of the most sustainable methods of sugar production also this product contains small amounts of fiber in some nutrients also and coconut sugar contains less amount of fructose. you know if you compare it to the other sugars we’ve discussed HAP’s it makes it a little healthier than other sugar options.

maple syrup

Maple Syrup

You can’t not love maple syrup.Maple syrup digests easily in your system keeping the blood sugar levels more even, unlike regular sugar which goes directly into the bloodstream causing levels to rise, it also has SAP. the SAP contains minerals the same way as some of the molasses. you’re getting a little bit of zinc, calcium it’s actually a source of calcium but you don’t want to trade in your multivitamin. you gotta suffer maple syrup just stick to watching portions again this delicious Canadian classic. Maple syrup has complex taste like wooden vanilla taste.Other than taste maple syrup has more benefits such as anti-cancer effect and anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains lot of minerals and that is a good advantage too. So the winner between coconut sugar vs maple syrup is maple syrup!..

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