Chipotle Berry Agua Fresca


Today i’ve got one more of chipotle’s new drinks, the organic berry agua fresca and what that is, it’s an agua frescus. it’s like a fruit water. it’s ingredients are strawberry, pomegranate and apple cider vinegar.

Chipotle Berry Agua Fresca

Chipotle Berry Agua Fresca Taste

so I’m gonna pour that into our glass here so you can see. Nice dark berry color and I guess what we’re looking for is to make sure this doesn’t taste too much like the apple cider vinegar. Because I would hate to drink that. this is a large one but the normal size is 110 calories. So not bad for you.


That’s good. you can taste the apple cider vinegar. but it just kind of provides like a nice tartness to it maybe. it doesn’t really like scream at you which is good. that’s what we’re looking for. Strawberry pomegranate it’s really good. I don’t normally get a drink at chipotle but i might get this with it. There is one more flavor. I’ll try that next time but organic berry agua fresca. Tractor beverages chipotle. Give it a shot. Thanks guys

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