CAVA vs Chipotle


CAVA is Mediterranean-style food chain. So CAVA is similar to chipotle but more of the Mediterranean twist. To me, CAVA bowl ingredients like leafs and greens are more quality and fresher than the Chipotle.

Harissa hot honey chicken

I once ordered Harissa hot honey chicken & it has saffron white rice with some harissa honey chicken, lamb meatballs, red pepper mousse, fire roasted corn, pickled onions, pita crisps and the garlic dressing. 

pickled onions delicious & decent quality. it’s pretty good. the rice isn’t oily at all. but it’s got a nice flavor to it i’m getting a very lemony kind of flavor. but that harissa hot honey chicken, it’s spicy sweet and i’m getting these corn. roasted corn for sure. this is very good.

Lamb meatballs

lamb meatballs

It looks like they’re definitely blended with some herbs and stuff in there too as well. the ingredients seem a lot better quality than the other fast casual chains that i’ve had like chipotle. lamb it’s pretty flavorful texturally. they’re not like super melt in your mouth like a really good meatball. but the flavor makes up for it they’re not chewy. Just when you have a really good meatball it just it literally liquefies when you start chewing it. you know and this one slightly overdone.

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